You know that feeling of having hope, but then having it crash down on you? I just experienced it. I recently took a final exam for a very difficult, but incredibly fascinating class. I studied very hard and had consistently done well with the material in quizzes. I approached the test with cautious optimism, but with my eyes transfixed on the goal of impressing my teacher and most importantly myself.

The exam itself only took me twenty minutes of the allotted hour and a half. Thinking I might have gone a little to quick to answer the questions I reviewed the answers twice and mentally played the scenarios for the correct answer. “I feel good about this,” I told myself as I rocked back and forth in agreement in my chair. I slowly moved the mouse to the submit button and clicked ever so gently as to gently send away a beloved to be approved. The score? 25 out of 50. Not even passing.

My jaw hit the floor and a sense of desperation like an assassin came in quietly into my mind. The hard part was not even being able to see what answers I got wrong.

It reminded me that there are times in life where we are hit with this type of situation. Ones that we are fairly certain will go one way, but then we find out that it didn’t and worse that it was worse than we thought it would be. In that brief instance of calm serenity and disbelief you want to through in the towel, but what are we to do but move forward, learn and try again.