I pulled the title of this post from Copyblogger because it was very well written. This costume is quite eclectic. It mixes two cliches Halloween costume cliches, Edger Allan Poe and sexy nurse/cop/whatever, into one eye sticking costume. 

So how is it related to creativity?

As my social media professor, Vegor Pedersen, would say as one of the main principles of making good social media: “It’s all about the mashup.” Many times we bust our heads trying to come up with something new and unique to reach out to our customers in a written way, but a great way to come up with new ways to present and mix what is out there. As Copyblogger says:

“Creativity is not conjuring up new dots — everything under the sun has been done, remember? No, creativity is making connections others do not see between the dots that already exist.”

Always be on the lookout for new ways to connect dots that already exit. Read up on the rest of the post on CopyBlogger. Its worth it.