On a Christ Brogan post I was reading recently, my thoughts on this title were validated. One of the simplest things to really connect to your customers, members, whatever, is to listen and respond. It seems that especially today business and organizations are absolutely terrible at it.

Broagan refers to this as “Response Marketing.” All of us have a need to feel wanted since the time we were little. It stays with us. Just think about the times where someone you admires remembers your name or replies to you. How did that make you feel? I can tell you that when Brian Solis replied to one of my tweets raving about his great talk at PRSSANC I was as giddy as a school boy.

That is what organizations need to do. To reach out because the average person is not expecting a response. Oh, and don’t do it just when someone says something bad. Everyone should do that. Step it up and have a conversation with them. Can you imagine if in real life you only talked when someone said something bad about you but the rest of the time you said nothing? Sounds silly right? Well it is in the business world too.