“Great brands are stories, they are sets of expectations and they are the reason why one product is chosen over another.” – Ben Johnston

I recently read an article over at Dieline.com by Ben Johnston, an award winning graphic designer who’s work is featured on the image, on how to craft a brand. I recommend reading the entire article, but I will leave with you some of my favorite bits.

– Is your brand trustworthy? Does the brand deliver the same great experience every time? Is the marketing trustworthy in that its consistent? Can customers relate to our stories?

– Does your brand stand for quality? If you race to the bottom you end up as a commodity. Be something unique and people will be more willing to pay you more.  Design something that will make you recognizable. Look at Tesla Motors. Their Model S is distinctly designed and it is designed like someone really put some care into it.

– What is your unique value proposition? What makes you or your product stand out? It drives me nuts to see so many businesses just put out the same typical ads that all of their competitors do, or have the same products. All it would take is for one to step out, be different, and game over they won.