A week ago I wrote on how T-Mobile missed a good chance to capitalize on some positive sentiment by not honoring the 30 percent off codes for the Samsung smart watch. T-Mobile has now stated that it will be in fact honor the promotion for those that purchased just one, sorry scalpers. Whether that was the intention all along or a change of heart due to the pressure from the media is not all the way known, but this is a good lesson on learning how to help spin a story your way instead of having the media have a hay day with it.

First of all they should have honored the promotion in the first place, but to give them the benefit of the doubt lets say they did. How did they let the bad sentiment get out? They had a great chance to say “hey we care about our customers.” They missed it. My thought is always be on the lookout to delight your customers even if it costs you a bit more than you thought, because if you try to nickel and dime them you will pay a whole lot more.