I’ve been a big fan of T-Mobiles recents moves to shake up the industry with their Simple Choice plans, but as they have taken three steps forward they took one small step back that is making a big presence. Recently on T-Mobiles website there was an 30 percent off offer on any accessory on their website. Many noticed that it also applied to Samsung’s Galaxy Gear smart watch which might have been a deal to good to be true since it was a brand new product, but placed the order any ways since it wasn’t too far out of the realm of it being honored.

The problem is that T-Mobile could have built some much needed good will in their customer service, they currently are in last place with the JD survey, to their current and perspective customers and completely missed the boat. A recently example of a company with an image in need of repair was United Airlines that surprisingly honored a quite extravagant deal. It’s website had an obvious glitch that allowed flights in the U.S. to be free plus regular tax making a flight around $10. Many were expecting the orders to be cancelled, but to the delight of those waiting United honored the flights. Yes money was lost, but the good news spread quickly and what little was lost monetarily big gains were made in word of mouth in the media.

The lesson for T-Mobile: take a chance like this to delight your customers. They would have payed you back many times more than what would have been lost in the offer if the unlikely deal would have been honored. Now you have to deal with the headlines and comments grilling you for this mistake.

Source of T-Mobile offer cancellation