As I am about to leave to San Francisco I look back at the journey that I took to get to PR and I would love to share a little bit of that with you. I never quite ever imagined I would be in the PR program because I always thought it was just about doing press releases. The odd thing is that since I was younger I was always fascinated by PR without ever knowing that I was, if that makes sense. I would look at companies make complete blunders out of simple things that could have easily been fixed or watch small businesses gain national attention from doing simple yet unique things that made their customers and employees happy.

It was through some crazy luck (or you could say destiny), that I slowly got myself to the major that finally felt like it was exactly where I wanted to be. Follow me as I post my thoughts looking back to my journey getting to where I am now. Mainly I hope it helps others that are on the same road I once was on.