PR is all bout increasing the credibility, visibility, and valuation of a company and doing it for as little as possible. We are the ones that give you that “bang for the buck.” I want to share a nice example of how Tesla Motors is getting enough attention for a stunt that Automobile Magazine did that not only made it to the top automobile blogs such as Autoblog, but it crossed over into the likes of Mashable.

The stunt that Automobile Magazine does is putting the luxury sedan known as Tesla Model S against a BMW M5 in a drag race. For those of you that don’t know much about the car universe the M5 is an incredibly fast BMW priced at at around $100,000 while the Tesla Model S is the first mass production American sedan built from the ground up to be electric vehicle. The Model S start at $50,000 but they use the $80,000 performance model. Most people would expect the BMW to win, I would. The video shows some interesting results.

So here is the lesson. Tesla just got a boat load of free credibility (for the results of the video), visibility by being covered by many media outlets, and of course that should help with valuation since people will have more respect for the brand and will be more willing to take a look at the Model S as a purchase when they reach mass production early next year.

Now that is bang for the buck.